UTB Blogcast #79

It must be that time of the week! UTB Blogcast is back. What will we talk about? We don’t even know, so it’s sure to be entertaining! We also have special guest Burk, from the well-known, respected BBM Channel, BB Powered.

Join us live, in the chat at YouTube, and interact with us in real time. Leave your comments, ask questions, and become part of the show. Watch now or listen later.



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Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • Alan

    Wow, thank you all for this super blogcast boys and Erica. It’s always great to have a listen every week, and this time you had none other than one of my favourite BB heroes Shawn as your special guest. Great voice Shawn! Your voice sounded like you should be a disk jockey on a radio station :) lol Congratulations UTB for bringing Shawn to your show, and we’ll done. Thank you for UTB’s continued and much appreciated entertainment contributions. For me, and I’m sure many others, UTB is a pillar in the BlackBerry community. It is a strong representation at the heart of everything BlackBerry and its community. Long live BlackBerry and its BlackBerry contributors like UTB.

  • anthogag

    This was the whiners episode. BB10 users are picking on us waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Alan

      LOL Interesting take anthogag. For me on the other hand, the main thing that I took from this episode was that these guys and girl have a lot of heart. They are beautiful people (from the BlackBerry family) who care about all things BlackBerry, including us BlackBerry BB10 users (which was obviously and totally apparent during the episode as you have noticed), but they do not pretend anything as per their findings and knowledge regarding the new BlackBerry babies, now teenagers, and almost adult BlackBerry Android phones that have sprouted in our midsths. It reminds me of an old saying that goes something like this: “The truth shall set you free, but at first it’s going to piss you off”. Long live BB10 and those maturing BlackBerry Androids. Enjoy your phones.

      • anthogag

        What “truth”? The truth that BB10 is still good enough to piss off BlackDroid whiners who want all BB10 users to move to Blackdroid…just because they did.

        The whiners keep saying BlackBerry doesn’t rely on device sales anymore for success. They’re a “software company”. This also means I could care less if BlackDroid becomes a great success. If BlackDroid makes an impact it’s because it’s selling to the mainstream.

        • Actually, I couldn’t care less what device you’re on as long as it’s a BlackBerry. There’s not a BlackBerry that has come out that I wouldn’t happily talk about.

          Point is, I’m not going to hide the cool stuff I can do on a BlackDroid because I’m afraid of pissing off the “BB10 or die” folks.

          Oh yeah, I want more BB10 devices too. So there. :P

          • anthogag

            I would like to see the cool stuff you can do with BlackDroid. Bring it on!

            And in the future don’t single me out as “attacking” the BlackDroid rhetoric on this site. I have an opposing view.

        • Alan

          The truth is that BB10 is still a very good OS. BlackDroid is a different beast, but BlackDroid can be a good OS. The BlackDroid OS doesn’t flow as well as BB10 but BlackDroid can be used to function in a productive manner for various business people who require specific apps which are simply not available on BB10. This is a truth of BlackDroid. The preference of which OS one chooses to use becomes subjective, as well as relative to ones phone uses and needs.

          As a preferred BB10 user myself (Passport SE), I would rather BlackBerry continue upgrading BB10, but as a BlackDroid user as well (with the Priv) I can appreciate both Operating Systems. I see your point if you don’t want to try a BlackDroid or go there in any way, that is your choice, but that doesn’t take away the excitement from the people who have a BlackDroid from experiencing the continued updates, and discovering what they brought forward to your phone.

          • You hit it on the head Alan. It’s why I still say BB10 is the best mobile OS. Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the smoothness, the flow, the UI, the basic building blocks of BB10. Not even BlackBerry Android.

            But BlackBerry Android gives me more functionality than BB10 right now. And it does it in the BlackBerry way.

            With updates and proper app support I think BB10 could crush anything else out there, but I don’t think we’ll ever get proper app support. And no, I’m not talking games. I have exactly two games on my Priv, and I could easily go without them. It’s the media creation apps I can’t do without.

  • theCHIVERChance

    This was a really good one! I mentioned it before about how I’ve, basically, just got my Passport SE, but now with the unveiling of the KEYone and all the points you guys touched on, I’m really thinking about switching over to BlackBerry Android. Partly because of, like you said, BB10, although still a fantastic operating system, is stagnant at this point and that is probably not going to change for a while. Then there’s the fact that the KEYone seems to be shaping up as a really solid device all around, along with BlackBerry Android really coming into it’s own as an authentic experience on Android. Oh and I’ve been wondering for a while now if it is just my SE, or has anyone else noticed that the camera is worse than the Z10’s, pretty decent, 8mp camera?! I am befuddled as to why this is and it’s really killing me because I took a lot of pictures with my Z10.