UTB Blogcast #77

Get ready! We’re back, and we’ve got tons to discuss!

We had a new BlackBerry device released this week, a plethora of updates, and a new app that just hit Google Play store today. Join us as we discuss all this, and  probably more.

We may even have some special guests.

Listen live and join in the chat at youtube, or download the audio and enjoy us at your own pace!

Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • anthogag

    Essentially, Roy stated BB10 users are trolls.

    And you people constantly publish videos about how BlackBerry Android is just like BB10 and how you won’t miss BB10 if you switch….

    You’re making it too easy for BB10 users to stop visiting this site.

    • What in the world were you watching?

      • anthogag

        Roy mentioned something about BlackBerry trolls are now “in the house”…i.e Pointing to BB10 users who have no desire to switch to Blackdroid and any opposition to Blackdroid is trolling.

        The videos you guys publish are constantly trying to show how BB10 features are in Blackdroid and you won’t miss BB10 if you switch. Stop making the comparison with BB10. Just show the features in Blackdroid and leave it at that.

        If you can’t do these things then I will lose interest in this site.

        • BlackBerry trolls have always been “in the house”. People that pretend to support BlackBerry while actually bashing them.

          Anthony, people ask for comparisons. Would you rather we lied about or ignored what BlackBerry’s new phones can do? Would you rather us deny the fact that BlackBerry is bringing what BlackBerry has always brought to their own operating system to other operating systems?

          Users have a choice with BlackBerry. A lot of choices. Many different phones, form factors, and now even OS. You can buy and use what you like.

          Let me use Wayno as an example. He owns both BB10 and BlackBerry Android (like me). Yet his go to daily driver is BB10. Because he prefers it. He’s not threatened at all by any of the videos or news, in fact he helps by offering suggestions and supporting users in comments.

          Back to your first sentence, you’re wrong by implying it’s all BlackBerry 10 users that don’t want to change are ” the trolls in the house”. It’s not. There are lots of BB10 users that are extremely comfortable and proud of their choice in platform, won’t be changing, and aren’t threatened by information about BlackBerry Android. It’s an extremely small subset of BlackBerry 10 users who wish to fight and complain and troll anytime BlackBerry Android is mentioned.

          • anthogag

            Who are these people who pretend to support BlackBerry while bashing them? Who are they on this site? Most articles don’t get too many comments.

            If these “in-house trolls” are on other sites then make sure you make that distinction because, for example, I don’t visit other BlackBerry fan sites.

            Many of you guys are constantly alluding to Blackdroid is “oh so close” to having everything BB10 has and very soon switching will be ‘weightless’ and ‘painless’. Please stop with this horse shit.

            • I’m pretty sure none of us has said “weightless” and “painless”. In fact I’m fairly certain all of us that have switched our primary to BlackBerry Android from BB10 have agreed it is very frustrating for the first week or two.

              Again, it all comes down to use case. With my use case, it’s not a matter of “oh so close”. It is already there. I can do everything I do on my BB10 phones easily on my BlackBerry Android now. And I can do more of what I need to do. The only thing I miss is the BB10 UI. Nothing comes close to BB10 gestures. Wayno and Robert and more within UTB that are not transitioning off of BB10 have different use cases than I and I’m not going to guess what they are, but whatever it is they need I would assume it’s better or easier on BB10, or can’t be done on BlackBerry Android.

              I can only talk about my use case, and that’s what I’m doing. If someone else can utilize what I’ve been doing, then great. If not, that’s fine too. But at the same time, hopefully it is correcting some false thoughts about BlackBerry Android.

              • anthogag

                That’s why I said “allude” dude.

                Right…”frustrating for the first week or two”

                The Passport has a wide screen. BlackDroids don’t.

                You can’t rotate and crop at the same time on BlackDroid/Android.

                You can’t name a picture in the camera app in BlackDroid. The only Android I found that could do this, but with more steps, is a Samsung Galaxy I demoed. But, when I tried to find the file I named with the Samsung’s search feature it didn’t show up…i.e a piece of junk

                There are many reasons to stay with BB10. You guys are making it look like there’s only a one or two week learning curve.

                • That’s because there IS a one to two week learning curve. Lol

                  It’s a different operating system. Meaning it will operate differently.

                  It’s up to the user to decide what’s better for them. We just want to make it an informed decision. Based on how they actually work, as opposed to misinformation they read in comments or channels or BBM groups.

                  We have both BB10 and BlackBerry Android users within the bloggers group at UTB. We all get along just fine. :)

                  • anthogag

                    Yes, there is a learning curve BUT you guys are making it look like that’s the only difference between BB10 and BlackDroid.

                    • My recent videos are to meant to highlight the differences I’ve come across during my transition, for better or worse, and how I’ve dealt with them. To be honest, I’m having a hard time coming up with a topic for another one.

                    • anthogag

                      You’re having trouble with picking the next topic.

                      What is your goal with these videos? To convert BB10 users to Blackdroid or is it how-to-videos for BlackDroid?

                      How is BlackDroid better than other Android devices? If there’s a feature on other Android devices…or iPhone…how do you get that on BlackDroid.

                      The battle is with other Android makers, not between BlackDroid and BB10 o/

                    • Oh FFS. I just explained that. lol

                      I don’t use other Android devices. I don’t use iOS devices. I use BlackBerry devices. And I see a whole heck of a lot of misinformation being spread about BlackBerry Android. I’m responding to that.

                      Same way I started becoming vocal in the community when people started trashing BB10. Only difference this time, is that BB10 is still a valid OS, whereas it was known that BBOS would be completely replaced by BB10.

                    • anthogag

                      You guys said, in your podcast, that mainstream bashing is mostly gone.

                      It’s time this site battles other Android makers…and iPhone. Let’s see what kind of piece of shit the next hand grenade from Samsung is. And I don’t mean baseless bashing. Robert can’t be in charge of iPhone articles. We want hard penetrating facts. The ins-and-outs.

                    • Roy shpitalnik

                      1, We don’t bash any BB product – I know you want to think that we don’t like BB10, but give us news and things we didn’t do yet and we will do it.

                      2. I focus on BlackBerry, We are not the Verge or BGR.

                      3. I will be harsh, and you can get insulted, But you always looking to fight us, so therapy is something that can help you.

                      Instead of looking what we “do against BB10” look for positive things.

                      oh.. And i wrote it with my fantastic BlackBerry Passport.. (Hey I’m using BB10 who knows…)

                    • anthogag

                      1. I didn’t say you don’t like BB10

                      2. As a BlackBerry site you can compare devices to other Androids. Go to a carrier store to demo a competing device. You use Android, you know how to evaluate other Android devices compared to BlackBerry. Stop making this site about converting BB10 users to BlackDroid.

                      3. I don’t “fight” you guys. I simply don’t align with your Android worship.

                      4. You guys are constantly saying the difference between BB10 and Android is becoming a non-issue after every BlackBerry app upgrade and “it takes only a couple of weeks to get use to Android” after which you don’t miss BB10. This is horse shit. You guys are still crying about not having a great file manager.

                    • Gabriel

                      One news no one is talking about on this site is the wikileak’s revelation about OS back doors and how blackberry has come out to say qnx has not been hacked, can that be said of Android or Black Droid?

                    • Gabriel

                      Nope there wasn’t anything being mentioned about black Droid in that blog or in Marty beards blog!

                    • “we are not currently aware of any attacks or exploits against BlackBerry products or services, including QNX.”

                      BB10 and BlackBerry Android are both BlackBerry products. Lol

                    • Gabriel

                      BB10 is surely blackberry product BlackBerry Android is both blackberry and Google product and I’m not sure about the Google part of Google itself came out with an acknowledgement statement! Lol

  • Wayno

    Ok, so I’m going to weigh in here. The goal of this site is to promote BlackBerry and their products. BB10 and Android, among other things. We have BBM had a lot of internal “discussions” in our UTB BBM group. Sometimes they get quite heated. Sometimes, actually most times, they are very helpful in finding differences with both and how we can overcome these differences. Sometimes we simply can’t, one OS will do something better than the other or at times what the other one can’t do.
    As Brad said, I have Passport and a Priv. Love both devices. But I find things easier to do on a Passport. A lot of times its the big screen, and other times its simply that I find things easier to do on a Passport. When I blog for this site, I do it on my Passport. It’s too cumbersome for me to do it on Priv. Whereas Brad. Does it all on his Priv.
    Like you say Anthony, I find it easier to edit a picture on BB10. Not to say it can’t be done on Priv, I just find it easier. Brad finds Priv great for creating graphics for this site, but then, he’s using apps for that.
    It’s not a matter of trying to convert BB10 users to BlackBerry Android. We are supporting both. We have been asked to show ways of doing things on a BlackBerry Android that is easily done. On a BB10 device. And vice versa. Sure, there are things that are much easier on a particular OS, no question there, and that goes BOTH ways.
    We are trying to bring the BlackBerry community together, not create division among users. We are here to help both sets of users and promote BlackBerry. We are quite often showing why BlackBerry is better tthan the other brands, they don’t explode for starters, LMAO. But, none of us here are using iPhones, Samsung or any other brand. So comparing with these is a little difficult. We do however show what IS different with BlackBerry Android compared to any other Android.
    We are encouraging people to give BlackBerry Android a try before bagging it out. Personally, I find it is getting close to how I would like it, Brad already has, but right now I prefer BB10 on my Passport. If I was not a Passport user, and using say a Z30, I could probably make the switch to BlackBerry Android full time. But certain things keep me coming back to the Passport.
    I would like to see the BB10 File Manager, Pictures app and a few others come to Android. But then BlackBerry have come up with some great Android apps that aren’t available for BB10. Notable is a great new app, as is Privacy Shade.
    Both OS’s have their points, good and bad. But we need to stick together as a community to promote BlackBerry. And by showing people ways of doing things and some of the differences, it is helping them make an informed decision which is best for them. We are not trying to convert anyone here, only inform.
    At the end of the day, it comes down to use case and everyone’s is different. But we need to promote BlackBerry, and right now BlackBerry give us an amazing choice. No other manufacturers can give you what BlackBerry has given us, end of story.

  • Alan

    It’s obvious we are not all going to agree about what is being said and done here at UTB, but overall I can appreciate the efforts made from Brad and company on this site. I’m primarily a BB10 user (I like my Passport), but I also have a Priv, and although I don’t use my Priv much I feel good about the stuff going on in helping me understand more fully how I can use my Priv and learn to enjoy it. More to the point, I like anthogag’s comment about the need at UTB comparing more Android to BlackDroid material. More information about comparing Androids to BlackDroid could be very useful in conversation when it comes up with people using Androids. I’m not saying UTB should do this comparison, but it would certainly be a subject of interest to many of us readers if it could be done. Mostly it would help people decide based on facts regarding many of the differences between a regular Android and a BlackDroid. We know it’s not all about security, there are other differences that we would like to learn about, and I feel someone at UTB might consider to undertake this challenge or project. I would applaud someone anyone at UTB (I’m thinking Dave perhaps) that would be willing to take up the mantle of this undertaking by the horns. After this Android thing is still very new to a lot of us BlackBerry fans (myself included). It could become a great educational tool for those of us interested in all things BlackBerry, and useful in helping us talk people into becoming BlackBerry users themselves. Helping us talk about BlackBerry the good, and more specifically about BlackDroid. I really likes the new guy, Bart was it? He sounded well informed and this is something he might be willing to contribute to the UTB site. Just saying, I enjoyed your podcast as usual. Keep up the good work you all. Long live BB10, and now BlackDroid or something better. You never know. We have to keep our minds open. There are always possibilities. I’m sure BlackBerry will continue to be part of our future.

    • Thanks Alan. Always appreciate your comments.

      Yeah, let’s have Dave try a Sammy. Lol

  • Fahed Al Derbi

    Thanks guys for your great weekly Podcast also I thank the guest Brat his comments were so affluent and valuable

    • Thanks Fahed! Loved having Bart and I’m sure he’ll be back soon!

  • Mike Robinson

    I had a thought whilst listening to the first part of the podcast: the Aurora has great marketing with in depth looks at the camera. Well, this makes sense: great pictures (and videos) need to be shared, and of course BBM is the ideal way to do this. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship: if they’d launched a device with a relatively poor camera, they’d risk it not used for pushing BBM social content to the next level.

  • Wayno

    My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S6. I can look at doing a comparison with Priv if that’s what people want to see