UTB Blogcast #62

We return after a week off!

It’s Erica, Dave, Roy, Alpha and Brad back to talk about BlackBerry.

This episode, we talk upcoming devices, Amnesty International’s list of private messengers, the iPhone’s newest problems, and more!

UTB Blogcast


BlackBerry Elite Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs and UTB Geek. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.

  • fahedalderbi

    Thanks guys and keep going locco_smiley_10

  • Anthony

    You guys sound so ridiculous when you start talking about Apple and wonder “how people can buy it”. I own a Mac desktop computer and it doesn’t suck the way you guys harp about it. Mac OS Sierra is easy to use for most people, like 90%, who hardly know anything about computers. That is what computers are supposed to do…bring it to the masses.

    The Mac mini is still a good little space efficient desktop computer. What is better?

    I don’t like laptops but MacBooks seem to be good. Not the low-tech stuff you harp about. It’s pushing the thin and light envelope. Light is important when you’re carrying it around all day, right.

    One of you should start using a current iPhone. locco_smiley_20