UTB Blogcast #57

On today’s Blogcast, we discuss BlackBerry subsidiary Movirtu’s technology being used to provide 10 phone numbers on a single sim card, Apple being fined by the EU and the United States response to it, Samsung’s explosive (literally) new Galaxy Note 7, the Secusmart /Samsung joint-venture tablet with BlackBerry’s Hub+ Services on it, and about Brad’s recent foray into the river with his PRIV. Please join Brad, Dave, Erica, Chap, Wayno and Alpha Geek as we try to make sense of all the hoopla, and look like semi-professionals doing it.





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  • Anthony

    The one thing we can take away from this episode is… locco_smiley_28 …maybe a blue iPhone locco_smiley_1

    And make sure your affairs are in order before you buy a Samsung Note 7.