UTB Blogcast #100 with Alex Thurber

We’ve made it! Here we are at UTB Blogcast #100. A milestone for us, and we’re here to celebrate by doing what we do (almost) every week. By having a Blogcast!

Tonight, we are joined by a couple of special guests. One that loyal Blogcast watchers would know as the dancing Australian, our old regular Chap. Yes, he was a regular, but we lost him. And now he’s returned.

Also joining us is none other than BlackBerry’s own GM of ¬†Mobility Solutions, Alex Thurber!

Join us as we delve into the world of BlackBerry.

For the hundredth time!



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  • Fahed Al Derbi

    Congratulations guys it’s not easy to make a weekly podcast with much limited resources and fan based ground but UTB made it

    • Roy shpitalnik

      Thanks , We are here as part of this great community

    • Thank you Fahed.

      Nothing worth it is ever easy. I’m hoping that means this is all worth it. lol

  • Alan

    Happy, happy, happy 100th Brad and company! Enjoyed this Blogcast a lot. Alex Thurber is proving to be a very good guess. The only thing that disappointed me was although stating BlackBerry still supports BB10, still no clue or answer as to when 10.4 is coming along, or even if. Strange indeed. BB10 rules in my Book, and BlackBerry owns it. Seems clear to me just upkeep BB10 now and then BlackBerry. It’s your responsibility. Many of us who use BB10 are not going away. Nor should we. We are using the best, and want to continue to use it. BlackBerry should man up, and do a better job maintaining it.

    • Thanks Alan! Alex has been an amazing guest. Twice!

  • Roy shpitalnik

    I joined on the #10 Episode, I thinks UTB is the best place to be if you’re BlackBerry fan, Security fan. With so much happening, people worked hard to bring the #100 episode. Hope that the next 100 will be better in every aspect.

    • What did we do those first 10 episodes without you??

      • Roy shpitalnik

        Being professionals ?

        • I somehow doubt it. lol

        • Steve

          Impossible. I was there for half of them.

  • FS

    BlackBerry 10 rocks and it’s the best Smartphone OS! It’s 100% BlackBerry, and I love it!
    The KEYone is a very nice phone, but it has not the unique BlackBerry smell :-)

  • Prem_Watsapp

    Congrats, guys. The information released here made it quite a fair way across the interwebz… :-)

    Oh, poor Priv… ;-P

  • shodvn

    Thurber said the Priv was released on Android “L” aka Lemonade…hilarious. BlackBerry is setting a standard for egregious actions. First it was the employees of Good Technology and now for abandoning support to Priv and offering Priv users the KEYone as the alternative. Why would anyone buy the KEYone after seeing their lack of support for the Priv?

    At least not everyone is comfortable with BB’s behavior https://venturebeat.com/2016/01/11/after-good-technologys-425m-fire-sale-to-blackberry-an-entrepreneur-offers-his-windfall-to-colleagues-who-lost-out/

    • Because they’re both great phones. If you expect phones today to be supported for more than a year or two you’re going to be extremely disappointed often.

      And Good? BlackBerry purchased a company that wasn’t making it, and combined their offerings to make a great product. They even provided a bridge loan so that Good could continue operating and making payroll during the purchase. I don’t see how this could be considered egregious actions.