UTB Asks ‘Should A BlackBerry Fan Site Promote Other Platforms’ – The Result!

You may remember that a short while ago we asked you whether you thought that a BlackBerry fan site such as ourselves, N4BB or CrackBerry should be used to promote other platforms.

Well, a massive 94.2% of you made your voices well and truly heard with a landslide that could possibly be heard somewhere over at Mobile Nations (but we guess even if it was it would be ignored).


Whilst others may be selling their soul, you can be guaranteed that we here at UTB will be fighting for YOU, the BlackBerry consumer. We won’t pull any punches if we think BlackBerry are wrong.

But in the same vein we WON’T IGNORE where they get it right.

Oh, and if you missed it – here was OUR take on the HTC One M8.


Discuss whether BlackBerry fan sites should promote other platforms in our Forums here




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