UTB Asks: What Do You Miss?

BlackBerry has been in the smartphone arena longer than anyone. BlackBerry has also proven itself to be one of the most innovative companies out there. Because of this, we’ve seen many products and offerings come and go over the years. Some have been successful, some were not. Most of those unsuccessful problems have been left behind, and are with us no more.

If there’s one thing we know about the BlackBerry community, it’s that we don’t like to give things up. Even if we don’t use a product, and it’s proven to be nothing but a drain on the company, we tend to be fairly upset when that product is dropped. And typically, once the product is dropped, we suddenly hear those that state they were daily users of that product. I’m sure we each have our own product that is no more that was a favorite, and something that we miss. Even if there is a better product now that took it’s place.

For me, the answer is easy. Believe it or not, it’s not the Playbook, but an app on the Playbook. I absolutely loved the Scrapbook app on the Playbook. One of those apps developed by The Astonishing Tribe, that was really more of an example of what could be done than anything else, it was surprisingly fun. No, it wasn’t a productivity app, and it wasn’t something that I couldn’t live without, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would often take photos with my Playbook while on vacations, and use the Scrapbook app with it’s postcard backgrounds and stickers to make virtual postcards of where I was. Of course I could, and would, email that postcard right out to friends and family using the Bridge feature with my BlackBerry Torch.

Now, on BlackBerry Android devices, we have Notable, which has all the old Scrapbook stickers included, and much more functionality. I do use Notable, and will admit I have made a virtual postcard or two (ok, probably more), but I still miss Scrapbook. Perhaps it was the larger screen of the Playbook, or even the fact that it offered less functionality and therefore was easier to use, or perhaps it’s simply that my memory has built Scrapbook into something more than it was. In any event, I miss Scrapbook.

What is it that you miss? What did you use that it seemed no one else did? Were you a fan of the BlackBerry Music Gateway? Did you love the clicky screen of the Storm? Maybe you were one that wished more of your friends had joined you on BBM music? Maybe you miss the track wheel/ball/pad? Is there something from the past you’d like to see in some form in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

what do you miss


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  • zensen

    Other than the file manager, BlackBerry Browser, BlackBerry Travel missing on BlackBerry Android devices I would say‎ the social feeds in OS6 / OS7.
    You could say this was expanded into what is now the BlackBerry Hub but what I actually missed most wasn’t the social notifications but the News feed (RSS Feed). I don’t think there was any option like that in the BlackBerry Hub. If you’re on android you now have news “tailored” to you courtesy of google feed if you choose to turn that on but I’m still on BlackBerry 10.‎

    Hardware wise, two convenience keys like the Bold 9000 esp on a slab based design. Bonus point if they made it a two-step button so it could be a dedicated camera key like the Sony Xperias.‎


    Removable batteries…‎

    • Steven Clancy

      Agree with about BlackBerry travel Zensen, but ultimately (and Blackjack will agree with me) it’s got to be Blend.

      • Kevin Button

        I agree that Blend is probably the biggest upside app that is missing. Hell, even Microsoft copied it and moved it forward. For devices, I miss my Torch, I don’t think my Priv will give me the same nostalgia when it’s gone.

  • Mark PPG

    Simple for me…. BBM music. I loved that app. It took a ton of work to get lots of music (probably why it failed) but it was THE best music app I’ve ever used.

    • AnDrewiD

      I did discover some great music with the BBM Music app. The social aspect of the app was so much better than anything available right now.

  • anthogag

    I miss the BlackBerry that made smartphones, developed BB10 with new TaT-alizing features, and took-on the larger players. Developing BB10 and making smartphones can still be their in-house thing.

    Blend won’t work on current Mac OS. I’m currently running High Sierra and I can’t even open and install Blend.

    Also, people at BlackBerry were quite engaged with their users and developers. Currently it’s more like Black-box-Berry.

    And then there’s Steve Cestulli. A CEO too chicken to attend an epic UTB Blogcast

  • Roy shpitalnik

    I must say Blend. No more words needed.

  • AnDrewiD

    First and foremost I miss BlackBerry and BlackBerry innovation, though they often stopped short of making their good innovations exceptional, they were still miles ahead of those the mainstream called “iNnovators”

    Like Brad, I miss the Scrapbook app and wish they brought it over to BB10.
    Blend, which for some reason no longer works on Windows 10.
    BlackBerry News and podcast app from both BBOS and PlayBook.
    BlackBerry Traffic, which was simple and very accurate, and the future traffic forecast was especially useful.
    The way viewing pictures on the map was implemented in BBOS.

    I’m sure there is more I can’t think off right now.

  • John Batchelor

    I really like the size of my Z10. I could message easily with one hand. Especially when on the go or holding something with the other hand.