UTB App Now Featured On BlackBerry World

UTB BlackBerry World

What’s that? There’s a UTB App? In BlackBerry World? A native BlackBerry 10 app?

Of course there is!

And the good people at BlackBerry have decided to do the sensible thing and encourage you all to get it (if you haven’t already). Packed with the pineapple chucks of wonderment that includes instant access to all the articles (and the ability to comment on them), podcasts and forums with a little swipe to the right opening you up to a veritable cornucopia of joy (and a swipe down taking you straight to our BBM Channel), no one’s Christmas can be complete without it.

And if you don’t do Christmas, then get it anyway. You’ll be needing something to read come the end of the month. It’ll be a bit quiet outside.

Either way, you’re a BlackBerry user. There’s not many apps you actually need. But this is one of them. So either open BlackBerry World (oh my! How many updates??? Best do them too) and merrily get it from the carousel at the top or feel free to just click below…

Download the FREE UTB App HERE



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