Use Microsoft Word? You may been hacked.

It seems hard to be safe in today’s cyber world when a new study shows that one of the most used software was hacked by hackers and it was done easily. The crack allowed attackers to inject Microsoft Word with a malware that allows an attacker to take over the entire computer.

What is more surprising is the means of introducing the malware , a very popular program called Coblat Strike, which is available to everyone and is also legal. The attacker would send phishing e-mails under the guise of a credit card company and the user would download a password protected RTF file to the computer. The password is what protected the malware from being detected when the File itself is infected with the virus.

The loophole was available for 17 years and it is not really known how many attackers were able to exploit it and damage other computers.

Microsoft blocked the breach in early November and if you have not yet updated your computer, you should do so.

It is not clear how such a loophole was available for so long without the security of the products being known. I would not be surprised if similar loopholes exist in other Microsoft products.



Roy Shpitalnik

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