USAGE PRO, first Promotional Offer of the day.

Usage Pro, a native BlackBerry app developed by Fire Chest Apps.
This app gives BlackBerry OS10 users a real time tracker in the form of app. This app helps in tracking and analyzing of calls/ texts/ data. This tracking goes upto 6-months window. You can also set a limits for a month for your calls, SMS, MMS, Data bundles. If you are on a unlimited plan for specific categoories, you can eliminate them from setting up limits.

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You can also export this data into CSV format and import into your spreadsheet and compare with your bill. UI of this app is simple and awesome. When the app is kept as active frame, it will show what exactly you are looking for.
There’s another update coming soon but FireChest Apps doesn’t stop there.

Today, FireChestApps had issued promotional offer for UTB users, subscribers and lovers. These are LIMITED NUMBER OF DOWNLOADS=50. Grab your copy before they end.


There’s no stopping here, FireChestApps is committed towards its users and will be helping you about the app. Do you want to see anything in future updates?
Come over to the forums and comment about your ideas, feedback.

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