US Patent Office Declares Apple Design Invalid


Samsung owes Apple a lot of money.

Because Samsung made a rectangular device with rounded edges.

And Apple patented that.

And iPhonians cheered across the lands!

And claim that Samsung copied Apple.

Now the general expectation here, is that this is where I would proceed to talk about how Apple is pushing two year old tech on their users and start listing off all the things that Apple has copied.

I don’t have time for that. But have you seen those toast notifications? Really now… could you have a more blatant copy? *sigh*

The story here is that Samsung may not be owing Apple all that money anymore. Why? Because Apple’s curved rectangle patent was just deemed invalid by the US Patent Office. The patent, referred to as D’667 has been rejected by the patent office twice. Once for obviousness and once for obviousness in connection with a published patent application. It’s patent jargon. So what does it mean?

D’667 was granted based on prior patents. Specifically two patents Apple have that spoke of the iPhone. D’667 was granted and backdated by a few years to match those prior patents. However, the Patent office noticed that those patents did not mention the shape of the device.

In the time between those original patents, and D’667, other patents were granted, to other companies, which had the same shape. This ‘prior art’ basically means Apple can’t claim that shape any longer. And never should have.

Are you ready for some comedy?

Those patents with ‘prior art’ that invalidates Apple’s claim to the rounded rectangle, belong to LG, Sharp, and are you ready? Samsung!

Samsung isn’t out of the woods yet, there will be another trial, however, with Apple no longer being able to claim the rounded rectangle, this trial, unlike the others, should be over fairly quick.

If the Patent Office starts looking at Apple’s patents, and starts to realize that they have a habit of patenting old tech (a lanyard for crying out loud!), Apple may actually need to start coming up with their own ideas for once.

And pigs shall be flying over snow banks in Hell.

Source: Foss Patents


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