US Carrier Verizon Begins BlackBerry Priv Pre-Orders March 3rd with Official Launch Expected March 11th


If you are a BlackBerry fan and a customer of Verizon who has been waiting for the Priv, there is some great news. Jeffrey Nelson, who is Verizon’s Vice President of Communications, confirmed on Twitter that pre-orders for the BlackBerry Priv will begin on March 3rd.  Its official launch on Verizon is expected to be launched on March 11th, according to Phone Arena.

Verizon, which is the largest among the US carriers still utilizes CDMA.  This has meant that for a long time the only official BlackBerry CDMA devices available to Verizon customers have been the BlackBerry Classic and Z30.  Having the Priv, which is BlackBerry’s first Android device, available to BlackBerry customers on Verizon will be a welcome addition.



One thing to note as well is that the Priv has been the only BlackBerry device in a long while that all four major US carriers have committed to carrying in their stores.  After its initial launch on AT&T on November 7th last year, T-Mobile launched the Priv  on January 26th this year. Remaining carrier Sprint is expected to also carry the Priv, but has not yet publicised a launch date.


Folks that’s great news for BlackBerry!  If you are a Verizon customer will you be picking up a Priv?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Phone Arena


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