URL Shortener for BlackBerry 10: Shortlink by HugSoft

The genius of Apple lies in its marketing. It’s spin factor. Its how they have sold every single one of their products. We have always known its inherent limitations and written extensively about it but one thing that boils down to it is applications.

iOS was designed to be stunted. It’s grown to be a dinosaur of a kernel with a tiny minor “improvement”  being hailed as innovation. The apps remain effectively siloed from its operating system- a revolutionary way of doing things in 2007 but a drag in the era of web applications. One of the limiting factors for rapid adoption of new standards is Apple itself. Safari, on its mobile/ desktop version is the new Internet Explorer 6 and its amply clear how they have stunted the growth of the newer innovations. People would never ever know how technologies have evolved to avoid the applications altogether.

Nevertheless, what started off as a promise has remained, so we ought to rely on what’s best available. iOS doesn’t cut it. It remains a drag on productivity. Even though they have an option to “peek” from the sidebar (copied from BlackBerry 10), its lame and demented. Its indeed a mystery as to how people don’t even check out the alternatives!

The base BlackBerry 10 OS is closely interlinked in terms of UI and making you productive that doesn’t rely on “applications” or selling you “cloud storage”. Indeed, the applications coded in native cascades are far superior from the fancy typography you see on iOS. Well, we have been made to believe that it was Steve Job’s obsession with the way the letters had their “curls” but I digress. I wish he had obsessed over giving real control to the users instead.

BlackBerry 10 opened up its API’s strategically in a way that enhances the appeal of the application ecosystem, rather than replacing the stock applications. One such application show cased here is a URL Shortener called as ShortLink from Hugsoft.

In the course of my work, I need to manage and share links to associates and populate my BBM Channel. I had been looking around for a shortener that gave me the option to interface with the URL shortening services, an interface that allows me to choose the service, keeping my users privacy in mind and something that kept the links preserved. My other requirement was a native application, of course. This allows me to pay for the support to my favorite platform and the developers who code for this native beauty.

A search for URL Shorteners revealed many lame duck Android ports that were strictly a no no. However, ShortLink stood out. I bought it and installed. However, there was an issue initially that it didn’t generate the shortlinks as mandated. I was lucky to find the contact details of the developer and one thing led to another. The developer responded almost instantly, revised the code and the newer update was live in BlackBerry World (after vetting, of course), within 72 hours.

IMG_20160624_123007This speaks volumes about his commitment to the paying customers. After interacting with him on BBM, he kindly consented to running a promo code SHORTLINKPROMO that is live in BlackBerry World now.

Go check it out!
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BlackBerry Forever!

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