Update to BlackBerry Productivity Tab Brings New Feature

For me its day 1 feature that has been missing, but with the latest update, it is here.

The BlackBerry Productivity Tab is one of my favorite apps/features on my BlackBerry smartphone. I use it a lot, but there was one feature that has always been missing for me. With the latest update, that feature is no longer missing. Now, within the Productivity Tab, you can see all your hub messages, whether it is read or unread.

If you have updated your app, you can go to the settings of the Tab and choose how you want to see your messages. You can choose from 3 different options. You can choose to see messages from today and yesterday, everything,  or turn it off.  You can implement this further to show read, unread, and flagged messages.

For me the Tab is becoming more and more like the Hub itself, and this, of course good thing. With an ever growing Hub experience, tasks, calendar, contacts and widget functionality, all available with just a swipe, it’s already an extremely efficient application. With a few more improvements the Tab can become one of the best BlackBerry experience apps.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to head over to the Google Play Store and update your BlackBerry Productivity Tab.

BlackBerry Productivity Tab

Roy Shpitalnik

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