Update to Amazon Appstore


A Spark popped up in Hub Notifications. Hmmm, what is this I wondered to myself? It turned out to be an update to the Amazon Appstore. The change log says:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

To check for an update, open the Amazon Appstore, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner, open Settings under the ABOUT section, Version and Release Notes, tap the Check for Update button, wait a few seconds to see if an update is found. See the screen capture video below where I checked for an update on my Passport:


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  • Anthony

    Amazon App Store still has two high priority issues this latest update didn’t address.

    1. Some apps show-up on my Passport in Google Play Store and don’t show-up when I search for it in Amazon App Store; these apps exist in Amazon App Store.

    2. When I look at an app, then go back to the previous screen, it takes me back to the top.


  • jrohland

    Anthony, your first issue is probably not the Appstore. app As I understand it, Amazon–or maybe the developer–need to approve apps for specific devices or maybe device families. There are many apps not approved for Passport even though they run fine.

    • Anthony

      Amazon designs their app. They designed the way device compatability is implemented. It probably has something to do with making sure apps work on a device but I like Google’s method of letting me see every android app.

      In Google Play Store, sure, ALL android apps don’t work. I bought one app from Google Play. It didn’t work and I deleted it. The Google Play app
      “somehow knew” I deleted it and automatically issued a refund. Does it work like this for Google Play or was this a fluke? locco_smiley_14

  • Amazon’s method to ensure the app works on a device is useless and does not work.
    Netflix and Starbucks apps for example run flawlessly on the Q5, Z30, Passport and Z10. Yet Amazon doesn’t think so. Ridiculous.

    Worst part, many Android phones can no longer access many native android apps on there phones LOL PATHETIC.