An Update for BBM User’s of Happenings in Android and iOS

BBM delivered a bulletin to users today giving them some background information on the changes ahead.

BBM beat the U.S. to a State of the Union address in a bulletin that was dropped to all Android and iOS BBM Consumer users today, and a more in depth post over at BlackBerry’s help blog. For those of us that have been following all things BlackBerry, there is little that was a surprise in these posts, although it did clear a few things up. I am always thankful for when BlackBerry clears things up, as rumors always seem to swirl about our favored company.

What is the general takeaway of the information? Primarily that BBM has been, and will continue to get bigger and better. With the changes that have occurred in BBM over the last year and a half, the chat app has seen some amazing growth, and is developing into it’s own feature rich platform. But let’s look at a few details that seem to get lost in conversation.

BlackBerry still wholly owns BBM. All too often I hear that BlackBerry has sold off the application, regardless of how many times this is explained. BlackBerry has licensed the rights of BBM Consumer to Emtek subsidiary Creative Media Works Pte Ltd (CMW). And we need to recognize exactly what BBM Consumer is. BBM Consumer is specifically BBM versions on Android, iOS, and the now defunct Windows Phone. CMW has nothing to do with BBM Enterprise, or BB10 BBM, which are still ran entirely by BlackBerry.

Under CMW we have seen whole new areas of content being added to our favorite chat app. We have seen third party services added. We have seen multiple UI changes. And we’ve even seen a few missteps. You know what I’m talking about, that change in emoji. Thankfully, what we’ve seen through it all, is the fact that CMW listens to users feedback, and will do what it takes to make users happy. We, and BBM’s original emoji, thank CMW for this.

We have apparently now reached the point in this licensing deal, where user data will need to be transferred over to CMW. With this transition, we will see CMW be able to offer even greater improvements to BBM Consumer. BBM’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have now been updated to reflect CMW’s management of BBM Consumer.

User’s that do not wish to have their user data transferred to CMW will need to discontinue use of BBM and close their account by February 26, 2018.

BBM Consumer

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