Unity to Discontinue BB10 Support, What’s the Real Story?


Unity has announced in their developer forums that they shall be discontinuing support of BlackBerry 10.

We wanted to advise developers that, due to a lack of developer interest, Unity will no longer be supporting the BlackBerry 10 platform. Unity will discontinue support for this platform from Unity 5.2 onwards.

We will continue to support the few developers who have built or ported games to this platform on older versions of Unity up until the beginning September 2015.

Another bit of sad news for BlackBerry fans right? No developer interest? Why, that’s the last thing we want to hear. But luckily, instead of just a blog post sitting out there somewhere. This was posted in a forum. And some of those disinterested developers, have chose to respond.

From Elkis:

Noooo! BB was the platform from where I got the most downloads  I knew this was bound to happen, but I was not prepared for it yet, such a sad day

From Jonny Roy:

Very disappointed by this, I get 10 times the number of downloads on BlackBerry than iOS and Android, and the major issue with porting to BlackBerry is the lack of support on bugs from Unity’s end, I still have an outstanding bug from December last year, on average bugs seem to get looked at 3-4 months after submitting solved 6 months later.

From MayhemMike

I’m not a fan of that decision

So it seems that BlackBerry 10 was in fact a valuable option for some developers. In fact, more profitable for Elkis and Jonny Roy than Android or iOS. This is something we have previously heard from other developers as well.

In fact, it appears that the problem with Unity and BlackBerry 10 was not truly on developer’s lack of interest, but on Unity’s end with minimal support to those developers that were using the engine on BlackBerry 10. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But all hope is not lost, MrEsquire is devising a plan:

I have a plan that may help us all if Unity decide to listen…Blackberry users can download Amazon app store to phones and download from there basically Android Apps…Now the only issue is support for screen sizes and bb resolutions, how can one check Android Amazon game will work on BlackBerry phone..So the ability to push .apk to BlackBerry phone for testing would be good instead of .bar file. I think this may work unless Im missing something!

The true test of wanting something to work when odds are against you, is devising a workaround. We early adopters of BB10 know this. We had to do it all the time in the beginning with sideloading apps. Luckily that time is behind us now. And iPhone users have to use workarounds daily for basic functionality. And here, MrEsquire is already developing a workaround in order to help those that do wish to continue using Unity and selling to BlackBerry users.

And then another developer has his own way of fighting back at the machine. From Kerm_Ed:

Who could we contact about a potential refund?

I appreciate Unity, it’s what I use in my day job. But as an indie developer, the only thing that made me buy into Unity Pro desktop was only the BlackBerry support. Without that, the pro license no longer has a value to me.

I have no pro license for Android or any other platform. I’d rather just use the personal edition without native BlackBerry support as I won’t get my value out of the 1,500 dollar purchase. I’m sure you guys understand and refunding one developer to save on a whole development branch definitely seems fair to me.

Or, he may just be asking for a refund. Who knows?

Anyway, if you’d like to let Unity know what you think of this decision, you can always tweet find them here @unity3d on Twitter.


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