Unfriended: Dark Web Official Trailer

What may be one of the worst titled movies ever, looks to be some horrific fun.

The original Unfriended took the found footage ploy, and turned it on it’s side. Instead of found footage, the movie was told entirely though a computer screen, as if you were watching a group chat with the characters in the movie. While some of it seemed a bit forced, it was still a fun horror movie. Now we’re getting a new movie that follows the same format with Unfriended: Dark Web.

This time, it’s game night. A group of friends login for a game played over a video call. One of those friends is playing from a found laptop, and upon exploring the files of this laptop, he stumbles across a collection of what appears to be snuff films. Of course, it doesn’t end there, as an anonymous new user joins the chat, just as it happened in the original movie. And like the original movie, once this new person joins, people start dying.

The difference this time, is that it does not seem to have a supernatural origin. Instead it appears that those doling out the death are all too real dark web dwellers, which somehow makes it more scary than a simple ghost.

Unfriended: Dark Web arrives in theaters July 20.

Unfriended Dark Web


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