Undertale’s Sans The Skeleton Interview

Sans The Skeleton Faces The Music

Undertale was and still is a popular indy pc game. We secured an interview with Papyrus but apparently Blah 3 downloaded Sans instead. In the interview our illustrious Dave Weirdoh, asked Sans the hard hitting questions that no one has asked of a video game character before.

Undertale: The Dark Storyline

As Dave Weirdoh only plays 8 bit video games, the storyline of Undertale seems dark with a kid climbing a tall mountain, falling down a deep and dark hole and then imaging a world that seems real. Like with every story, Dave gets down to the bones of the story’s beginning with Sans and he digs his own grave when he answers Dave’s questions.

Dave Stops Sans From Punning

Dave proves his super interviewing powers are amazing as he keeps Sans from punning. Sans is famous for his puns and yet Dave knew how to keep him on his bony toes without getting corny. It’s actually punning!

Sans Tries To Flip Interview On Dave

Sans thinks he can interview Dave but no one can ask Dave a question and get a straight answer. Sans isn’t an exception. If anyone else thinks they can interview Dave, comment down below.

Dave Can Interview Anyone

Not only can Dave report on the news everyone else refuses to acknowledge, He does interviews from the President to video game characters. Sure Barbra Walters can get all the famous celebrities, but This Just In News does the interviews that matters to YOU!

We Want You For Interviews

Are you a blogger, video game character, or someone who saved your Aunt Ruth’s cat from a tree? We want to interview you! You read that right. We want to interview you so we can get the real story! If you’re interested in being grilled by the best, then comment down below.


We interview the punny skeleton