UNCONSCIOUS PROBLEMS while sending email

Yes!!! You read it right. Sometimes, there will be a time where we have to send a reply to email when we are in half-sleep or feeling tired. But errors might happen in some cases where email was sent to wrong contact or email sent doesn’t consists of any SUBJECT or BODY. Then you might say “S**T what did I just do” and blame yourself.

I came across this situation few times. But now, I had installed an app from BlackBerry World called SuperEmailBlocker developed by Runisoft which makes productivity apps for BlackBerry OS10.

IMG_20141129_094119 IMG_20141129_094128 IMG_20141129_094132

This app has features of saving emails of multiple accounts added under HUB including email and attachments.

It can Block Emails from a specific email address too, but MAKE A NOTE THAT THIS APP WILL NOTE BLOCK IF THE CONTACT IS ADDED IN YOUR CONTACT LISTS. Only blocks unknown sender.

You can add keywords to filter the emails, which helps more for Enterprise users.

You can select LED indicators too.

You can send an email within the app also.


You may ask that Spammers had ability to change their email address by using a Domain. Here it is, you can block the whole Domain too.

As we are aware of what Auto-reply is, this feature had been included in the app. These are few main features which we always look for.

The developer had offered a Promotional Offer on this app, some of you might be able to grab these limited copies.


You can contact the developer for more details about the app and you can also check the developer’s other apps that are listed under BlackBerry World.


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