Uncharted Film Gets Release Date

It looks like the end of the beginning is near for the popular video game franchise.

It’s been almost a year since we heard some compelling news on this long-awaited film. But it looks like the movie based on the popular Uncharted game franchise might actually have a release date!

Last year, we discussed casting for this film. I wasn’t sold on the idea of Tom Holland in the lead as Nathan Drake. I’m going to recant that here and now. I stand by my words as I wrote them then, but since I’ve been able to witness more of Holland’s talent in subsequent Marvel films. He showed a broader range of emotion and depth, and I feel he could do Drake justice. I still think Nathan Fillion is near perfect casting, and Jensen Ackels would be marvelous. But, I’m on board for a Tom Holland Uncharted experience.

The latest about this film, however, is that it’s finally been given a release date, December 18 2020. Fans still have an 18 month wait to see the film, but setting a date is an important bit of progress for a movie that has seen delay after scene delay.

In case you need a refresher, Uncharted is a series of games that lets the player become Nathan Drake, descendant of Sir Francis Drake. Drake (the younger) is an explorer and treasure hunter seeking history and truth and usually dodging bullets on the way. There’s a lot of climbing and physicality as well as hand-to-hand combat and armed conflict in the gameplay that should transfer well on the big screen. There’s archaeology, history, action, adventure, and even some romance for good measure. The games are from Naughty Dog and have, historically, been PlayStation exclusive.

Uncharted will be directed by Dan Trachtenburg (10 Cloverfield Lane, Night at the Museum). The latest script was written by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker.


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