UK Soldier Charged For Actions In Video Game

Only in the UK…

After two weeks of training, the soldier had enough, and went on a rampage, killing the soldier next to him, stealing a truck and driving away purposefully smashing into other vehicles. It would be a horrific story, if it had been in the real world. This soldiers actions took place in a virtual training environment, in other words, in a video game.

The soldier, was apparently upset with being stuck at a computer instead of, you know, soldiering. “We’d spent two weeks sitting in front of laptops pretending we were in a really hostile urban environment” said a source rom the 3rd Battalion, the Rifles, “I’d challenge anyone to take it seriously for that long.”

While the Rifleman’s fellow soldiers found the action funny, his commanding officers did not. The soldier was punished under UK military law, his punishment reportedly to carry out weekend guard duty.

“We take the training of our service personnel very seriously and anyone who is disruptive to this training will receive disciplinary action.” said a Ministry of Defence spokesperson. Yes, because weeks of playing video games is serious military training in the UK.

Source: The Telegraph


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