UK Woman Finds Celebrity Phone Numbers on Her iPhone

When numerous celebrity phone numbers miraculously appear on a woman’s iPhone, what’s the cause?

Sophie Highfield purchased her iPhone 5S in 2014 and had an issue free experience for months. That soon changed for her though, in a very odd way. She discovered that when she began to type letters in to pull up contacts, there were many other contacts that she had never added to her phone. Many of these contacts are celebrities. Within Sophie’s phone, she has the contact numbers for Adele, a Spice Girl, Radio One DJ’s and BBC executives.

Most would assume that these numbers were left over from a previous owner, but that is not the case. The phone was not a refurbished or used device, it was bought brand new from Three UK.

The question is, how did these contacts get on her phone? Most are agreeing it is more than likely a sync issue with iCloud. Apple reportedly spent a month investigating the issue, and have no comment.

This is quite an odd form of a data breach. I can only assume that these celebrities would not enjoy knowing that their phone numbers are magically appearing on stranger’s phones. Meanwhile, we don’t really know how these numbers appeared on this phone. Is this a one-phone incident? Or could this be more common and just unnoticed?



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