BlackBerry UEM Gets Updated with New Features

UEM and Good Synced.

BlackBerry released a new update for UEM (formerly BES), as Maintenance update release 1.  With the new update, IT managers have more control with iOS and Windows users, if it’s notifications or apps. If you were a Good user in the past, and you have Good servers, you will be able to synchronize it with the new UEM server from BlackBerry.

What’s new with BlackBerry Dynamics :

  • App Catalog in the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher: For devices that are enabled for BlackBerry Dynamics, you can add the work app catalog to the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher so that users have quick access to a list of their assigned work apps.
  • Onboarding: You can configure onboarding for users that will use only BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  • App access keys: You can generate and send access keys to users so they can activate BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  • PKI connector: You can set up a PKI connector that creates a connection between BlackBerry UEM and an internal CA to enroll certificates for BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  • Gatekeeping: Gatekeeping is supported with BlackBerry Work when you manage BlackBerry Work in BlackBerry UEM.

If you are the IT in your company, you should check out this update and read more on the BlackBerry Blog.


Roy Shpitalnik

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