Two New Google Photo Apps Promise Some Fun

Google has releases Storyboard and Selfissimo!

Google has released two new experimental apps for Android that look to bring a new bit of photo fun to users.

The first app, Storyboard, makes use of your videos. You load a video to the app, and the app will choose frames of the video, stylizes them, and lays them out into a comics page. It is all automatic, meaning the user can’t pick and choose what frames are used, or how it will be laid out, but if you don’t like the page, simply pull down from the top, and a whole new page will be generated.

The second app, Selfissimo! turns your phone into a creepy photographer. Tap the screen to begin a photoshoot, and the app will snap shots each time you stop moving and strike a pose. The app will even offer you some random encouragement in the form of creepy comments displayed on the screen between shots. I’m sure Google didn’t depend on this app being called creepy, but I call it as I see it. After your photoshoot, the shots can be saved individually or as a virtual proof sheet.

While Storyboard looks like it could be real fun, for at least a short time. Selfissimo! appears to be something which followers of Kim Kardashian would love. Me? Not so much. However, there is something I like very much with these apps. They’re standalone apps.

It seems that so many popular apps are either part of, or their own, social media. I like standalone apps that don’t require me to sign in to some larger entity. While these are both experimental apps, I’m hoping Google, and other developers see some success out of these, so that perhaps we can see more fun standalone apps in the future.


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