Two Comic Icons Enter the Sticker Shop

Two new sticker sets have entered the BBM sticker shop.

Usagi Yojimbo should be familiar to any fans of comics from the 80’s and 90’s. The award winning comic focused on a Samurai in an amazing accurate depiction of feudal Japan, who just happens to be a rabbit.

Peanuts need know explanation! It’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy and Linus and Lucy! Oh yeah, Woodstock is there too.
Both sets will run you $1.99. Download now.


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  • Tommy C

    You knew, of course, that I could not resist the Peanuts sticker set. I couldn’t spend my money fast enough! And I picked up samurai rabbit while I was at the shop too because a samurai rabbit is cool no matter who you are. Keep churning them out, BlackBerry!

  • nnik

    Snoopy, Woodstock yay!