Twitter is Testing a Twitter Lite App, and I Want It

Twitter is testing an app that is easy on your data.

Twitter is currently testing a Twitter Lite app in the Philippines. This app version of their Twitter Lite mobile website uses less data to work and is aimed at emerging markets. In areas where data networks are slower or more expensive, apps like this can be the difference between users using your service or not.

Twitter has described the app as an experiment, and are still deciding if the app will be brought to other markets.

I do not live in an area that has slow or expensive data networks. In fact, I have an unlimited data plan and am not the least bit concerned with the data I’m incurring through my use of Twitter. But I want the app. I bet I wouldn’t be the only one. Why? Because of how the app saves user’s data.

The app provides most of the basic functions as the official Twitter app. The app also gives users the ability to determine what they will be seeing. For instance they can choose a media free mode, in which case they will be able to choose what pictures and videos get downloaded for them to view. This is what is attractive to me.

It seems that many services, like Twitter, Facebook, even Google search results and websits are heading towards truly annoying levels. Auto-playing videos which were bad enough when they were silent, but now that sound is automatically playing it’s become nearly unbearable. Lite apps that give the ability to avoid these things because of an app that’s meant to save data, is very attractive to this data hog.

source: Tech Crunch


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