Twitter Says No to Television Apps

If you enjoy Twitter on the big screen, you won’t for much longer.

Sometimes I wonder about Twitter’s choices. For a platform that really has become a basic part of our online culture, it seems sometimes that they are purposely trying to not be successful. I’d go so far as suggest Twitter management’s decisions are obviously why the social media giant has had such a struggle attempting to become profitable. This latest decision falls right in line with what I expect from Twitter.

Most companies tend to want to be on as many platforms as possible. This enables a larger user base, and more chance for profit. In the category of social media, you wish to be available in everything that a user is doing. But not so for Twitter.

Twitter has announced the end of support for their apps for Roku, Android TV, and Xbox. This actually shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Twitter has been “streamlining” their apps, and doing away with older version that run on older operating systems.

There is a very good chance that Twitter simply wasn’t seeing any use from their television apps. However, I see abandoning the platform as a mistake. Instead, I’d like to see Twitter come up with a compelling use case for Twitter on smart TV’s. The platform is not going away any time soon, and it seems like a poor decision to make sure you don’t have a place in this growing market segment.


Source: Neowin




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