Twitter jumps onto the Apple PR bandwagon


It would appear that those 144 character birdies over at Twitter have decided to jump aboard the PR train that Tim Cook created a few months back. Yes folks, another example of total hypocrisy has hit the headlines! Yesterday the Wall Street Journal broke the news “Social media firm cuts access to Dataminr, a service used to identify unfolding terror attacks, political unrest.” You see, Dataminr is a New York based partner of Twitter that “has access to the entire tweet stream from Twitter’s millions of users.”¹ The hypocrisy is that they have a proven track record of cooperating with law enforcement authorities in cases where terrorism is involved. In fact, authorities claim that several terrorist attacks have been thwarted due to Twitter’s cooperation.

Evidently “Twitter was concerned about the “optics” of appearing too cozy with the US intel community”. A former US intelligence official said that Twitter was being “hypocritical.” John Inglis, a former deputy director of the NSA told The Wall Street Journal, “I think it’s a bad sign of a lack of appropriate cooperation between a private-sector organization and the government.”²

This PR move by Twitter claiming to champion subscriber’s privacy was predicted by many who saw through Tim Cook’s posturing. In fact, Brad had written an editorial about this when Apple’s song and dance first bubbled up- “This is Tim Cook thumbing his nose at the court system, while placing a higher value on a current marketing plan, than on human life. The future implications of what occurs here frightens me more than any past privacy hacks.” (emphasis mine)³

It’s a sad state of affairs when a company such as Twitter is of the opinion the optics of appearing too cozy with the intel community is more important than human life…



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