Twitter for BB10 Updated

Twitter for BB10 Updated
Twitter for BB10 Updated

Fresh out of the Beta Zone and into BlackBerry World, Twitter for BB10 has been updated to version  The change log is as follows:

What’s New with 10.3.1:
• Accept/Decline “Follower” requests in app when using a restricted account
• Application launch time improvements, general improvements and bug fixes

Recent new additions in 10.3:
• Save Tweets as Drafts, and send when you are ready
• Swipeable Timeline to ‘Activity’ and Discover

Head over to BlackBerry World and hit that Update Button.

Twitter for BB10 can be downloaded here

  • Ital1. It’s really becoming a great app. I know UTB members have been fairly split on Twitter vs Blaq, and I know there’s another I can’t remember. This became my favorite due to the HUB integration and I really like the recent improvements. It seems like they’ve released new versions two times recently, which is also nice to see.

    • ital1

      I really like the Twitter for BB10 app; as part of the Beta Zone the feedback that I submitted was the dark theme option. That would make it the perfect app.