Twitter CEO’s Twitter Account Hacked

Earlier this month we saw Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have his own various social media accounts hacked. Shortly there after we saw Google’s Sundar Pichai suffer the same fate. Although, it didn’t seem to be quite as embarrassing. Really Mark, “dadada” as a password? Now, even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is unsafe.

Yet again the hack has been carried about by the group called OurMine. At around 3:00am Saturday morning, Dorsey’s Twitter account tweeted out “Hey, its OurMine, we are testing your security”. I suppose Dorsey failed that test? The tweet was soon deleted, but duplicate tweets kept appearing, I’m sure as Dorsey attempted to fix the issue.

In this case, it doesn’t appear that Dorsey’s own Twitter account was hacked. Instead these tweets appear to have originated from his Vine account. In any event, the result was the same. While Dorsey was going through the embarrasing ordeal of changing passwords while his Twitter account was publicly tweeting OurMine tweets in his name, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla were suffering the same fate at the hands of OurMine.

It should be noted, that OurMine does not appear to be hacking these accounts, instead, they are utilizing passwords that are available on the open market from past security breaches at various social networking sites. Many people share the same passwords across their social media, choosing ease over security. Something we in the mobile tech world recognize all too well. While OurMine attempts to show their prowess at “security” let’s hope that users seeing the CEO’s of these social media sites and services having their accounts laid bare, understand that it is up to the user to keep their information private. After all, if CEO’s can’t keep their own information private, it’s obvious they’re not keeping ours private either.




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