Twitter Attempts to Fix Itself

Twitter now allows users to see tweets in reverse chronological order. It’s about time.

When Twitter began, it was a lovely little method of sharing short status updates. It soon became the most up to date way to keep track of your news. And then it went bad. Really bad.

Trolling was taken to new heights on Twitter. If you’d ever like to get into a raging argument about the most mundane of topics, simply open Twitter. In 2016, Twitter really blew it when they messed up the very thing that made Twitter useful, the timeline. With the update, Twitter claimed it used algorithms to sort tweets that were deemed most significant. This eventually led to the social media platform feeling more like a recruitment tool for Twitter’s own political and social agenda. Of course, the decision to hide tweets from timelines that Twitter didn’t agree with, and the politically motivated banning of individuals didn’t help either.

Last month, Twitter introduced a feature for iOS that allowed user to choose to see tweets in their timeline in reverse chronological order. Today, that feature arrived on Android. Twitter’s newest feature brings your timeline back to how it originally worked. Finally. Sort of.

Twitter may be attempting to repair the damage done by the self mutilation of the app in recent years, but it’s simply not enough. Granted, this is a big step, but until they stop hiding tweets, and discriminating against users that have different social or political ideas than those of @Jack, the platform has no hope other than becoming a quite boring echo chamber.

In order to see your timeline in reverse chronological order, hit the new sparkle button (yes, it’s a sparkle button) and make your choice. However, after a undetermined period of time, the timeline will revert to it’s algorithm guided timeline and the user will need to switch it back again. Want to bet that the change will occur during at a time when @Jack wants to guide users to certain news?



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