Twitter App Updates – With Two Versions


The official Twitter app has an update rolling around BlackBerry World right now with 2 versions hitting handsets across the globe depending on which OS version you are running.

If you, like me, are running 10.2.1 then you will see an update to Twitter version which brings it’s own loveliness in terms of in line actions (very handy as you don’t need to enter each Tweet any more), bug fixes and landscape mode.

But, if you are running an early 10.3 version you get this PLUS the one thing I personally have wanted from this app for a while – a dark theme (or Night Mode as they have called it) in version

I’m a BIG fan of dark theme (I seriously can’t stand light theme) and can’t wait to see it in the Hub, having it with the Twitter app would make it all the sweeter in the next few weeks when I upgrade my OS.


Over to you Blaq.

Any idea when your promised upgrade is coming?


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