Twitter Adds a Useful Feature

This new feature is slowly rolling out to users now.

Twitter hasn’t had the best of luck in the social media games. Although it is a widely used platform, making money has been extremely difficult for the little bird. The preferred mode of mass communication for the US President has also seemingly taken up a political cause itself, and is the battleground on which far too many political arguments take place. And let’s not even delve into the bullying and trolling that takes place, and Twitter’s ineffective means of combatting it, often taking obvious and dubious sides in the battle.

In any event, the platform has become the preferred news feed of many. If a news story breaks, more often than not, users can get the most up to date updates simply by going to Twitter. For those of us that use the platform as a newsfeed, managing those you follow can be the most difficult of arts. Oftentimes, it has nothing to do with friends or family, but everything to do with who you trust to deliver the news.

The newest feature rolling out to the official Twitter apps and website, will be useful for Twitter users no matter how you use that platform. Now, hidden within the updated share button, will be the option to bookmark a tweet. No longer will you have to like a tweet you really didn’t like in order to be able to find it later. Simply bookmark the tweet, and it will be stored under the “Bookmark” tab.

I welcome this addition, as there are oftentimes tweets I’d like to refer back to in conversations. More often than not, these are tweets which I don’t want people following me to see that I “liked”, usually because I don’t actually like the tweet. Quite the opposite in fact. I have taken to emailing myself the links of tweets so that I can refer back to them later, and this option shall save me the trouble.

I don’t have the update yet, but am anxiously awaiting it. Have you received the update?

Source: Variety


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