Twitter Absolutely Blows It. Again.

Twitter once again proves that they don’t care the slightest bit about what it’s users want.

I have never seen a company that is as completely out of tune with what it’s users want as Twitter. And that’s saying a lot considering that news about Apple is part of my newsfeed. Twitter used to be my favorite social media, more recently, it’s become a necessary task to open it and see what’s taking place there. Now, I wonder just how necessary it is?

Twitter was great. It was a place where you could follow people and brands which you liked, that didn’t ask for all of your personal information. Heck, they didn’t even want your phone number. All you needed was an email address, and you were ready to go. If you wanted to know what happened in the past hour, you simply had to scroll back through the past hour. Everything was there, in order, exactly how it should be.

And then they went and messed everything up. A chronological timeline wasn’t good enough anymore. Now Twitter wanted to curate what it’s users saw. That was very frustrating. But over the past two years, it’s been even more frustrating as good old Jack Dorsey and his team have decided to take a much more politically motivated direction. Now, it wasn’t just “hot” topics that were being shown to users, it was topics which Twitter wants you to see, and topics they don’t want you to see, you have to go searching for. Even then, you might not see it.

Now, Twitter is making changes once again. You might be excited hearing that. I was. And then once you hear the changes, you can see that Twitter is just going further and further away from what users want to see in the platform.

No, we are not finally returning to the thing which users most want. We are not getting a return to a chronological timeline. Instead we’re getting a “Happening now” section for news, where Twitter will feed us yet another curated selection of news which they want you to see, and probably, hopefully, making it to where you won’t go searching for your favorite news sources. After all, Twitter’s favorite news sources should be your favorite news sources, right? They will also now send you notifications for these news stories. Don’t want them? You’ll need to opt out.

The platforms “Moments” section has also suffered a redesign. Once, the most attractive part of Twitter, which brought “top tweets” on subjects together with a black background was swiped right to left through, it’s now been changed into a vertical scroller, that makes the regular timeline look attractive.

Let’s get real here. Twitter is a mess. What was once a favorite platform of mine had so much potential. That potential has been completely pissed away by Twitter management. The company has chosen political agenda over, and at the detriment, of making a quality product. And in doing so, they have completely ignored the voice of their customer. The voice of the customer has long shouted one demand. That demand has been for a chronological timeline. People follow other people and brands for a reason, and we would like to see what those people and brands are pushing out for us. Instead, what we are interested in doesn’t matter to Jack Dorsey and his company.

Not at all.

And now, I care just as little for Dorsey’s platform.


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