The Truth About BlackBerry Market Share

The headline of the day is that BlackBerry market share has reached zero. That’s not quite the whole truth.

Over the last few years, the internet has been all to quick to call BlackBerry dead. BlackBerry’s market share has always been a favorite topic. It’s quite funny when Apple sites and Android sites always have to place BlackBerry’s market share percent within their headlines. Why is this? Why the focus specifically on BlackBerry? There are any number of guesses why, but there is no denying that BlackBerry is a focus for all media. And that’s a good thing.

Today, the news has been a constant repetition of “BlackBerry’s market share has reached 0.0.” That’s not really the whole truth. But it won’t stop those BlackBerry naysayers from quoting and repeating this.

This number comes from Gartner, which breaks market share down by operating system, means that this 0.0 percent is speaking specifically about BB10. BlackBerry Android does not show under BlackBerry, instead it is showing in the larger Android category.

So no one is using BB10? No, that’s not really true either. The results do claim that BlackBerry sold 207,900 devices in the fourth quarter of 2016. In the third quarter of 2016 Gartner listed BlackBerry as selling 377,800 BB10 devices, giving BlackBerry 0.1% market share. Knowing that BlackBerry has not released any new BB10 devices, and that many BlackBerry users are moving from BB10 to BlackBerry Android, it should be expected that less BB10 phones would be sold. And it should come as no surprise that the market share number has dropped.

It should also come as no surprise that as news of the new BlackBerry phone to be announced at Mobile World Congress is grabbing headlines, that there wouldn’t be a major media push denouncing BlackBerry. We should all be used to this by now. We’ve been watching this tactic nearly half of the last decade.

What do BlackBerry fans need to know? First, these numbers don’t mean no one is using BlackBerry. These numbers don’t even mean that no one is using BB10. What it does mean is that according to Gartner’s numbers, and rounding, there’s simply not enough BB10 users to show on their chart. Additionally, BlackBerry’s most recent phones all fall into Gartner’s Android category, not BlackBerry.

Now, users can focus on these numbers that don’t really tell the whole story. They can worry and fret about this expected news. Or they could simply look beyond them, to the fact that BlackBerry is past the turnaround. BlackBerry is out of jeopardy and moving forward into exciting new places, and BlackBerry Mobile shall be bringing us to a new golden age of BlackBerry phones. I know what I’ll be focusing on.


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  • Wayno

    Great article Brad. I posted this link in our BBM group knowing that you would shed light on the truth. The article this was based on was basically click bait. It was referring to BB10 market share. And without a new BB10 device released for quite some time, this was always going to be the case. However, the article didn’t take into account that BlackBerry is now producing Android devices. So the figures are fictional at best.

  • Market Share is based on Operational System and BB10 situation has reached Zero indeed. The BlackBerryMobile is powered by Android, so It will be linked on the Android Market Share. The headlines are correct, unfortunately. If the talk is about the number of devices sold by brands, than its quite different.

    It’s good to see that even with o horizon on BB10 future and no new devices launched in the past two years, selling 207.9 devices is quite impressive.

    • LP

      Absolutely agree…

  • anthogag

    It is also funny, if it’s true, iPhone took about 90% of all smartphone profit for the latest quarter.

    Who spends the most on carriers, paying for part of the cost of their commercials and advertising…Samsung?

    What about the sleaziest-douche site on the web…BGR?

    How about the award for best desert island smartphone for starting a fire? Samsung? iPhone?

  • Sipo Kapumba

    Well, BlackBerry isn’t dead and we’re looking forward to a growth phase in both the mobile business as well as software and other branches of the new BlackBerry. Looking forward to more affordable BlackBerry Android devices.

  • Ricardo T.O

    Good article providing additional point of view from Alex Thurber Inside BlackBerry