Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War Has Arrived

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slowly building to a cinematic climax for years. We thought we were satisfied when Joss Whedon brought us The Avengers. All the post-credit easter eggs in the previous movies teased the coming together of these heroes, but it proved to be just the end of the first act.

More tiers of the MCU were exposed after that first assembling of heroes. Another tease, a new “big bad” was revealed in Drax, and fans couldn’t wait for the culmination that promised more heroes, more drama, more character development, and more avenging.

Marvel Studios released the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War today, and it seems to vow to it’s loyal viewers that this is the true climax. It pulls in the nostalgia of the previous stories, and how the stories connect. We see that the Avengers seemed to be joined by other branches of the MCU against the common enemy of Drax and all he brings with him.

Take a look:



Erica Davis

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