Trailer Arrives for The Conjuring Spinoff The Nun

Want a horror version of The Marvel Universe? Start with The Conjuring.

I complain about the current state of Hollywood a lot. There seems to be no new ideas anymore, just remakes and rehashes of old movies, and superhero movies. Lots and lots of superhero movies. But there has been something relatively new going on, something that has slid a little under the radar. What is new? And what does the upcoming movie The Nun have to do with it?

The current big money makers when it comes to movies are superhero movies. As an old comics fan, what has impressed me most about the superhero movies, or at least the Marvel Studios superhero movies, has been how they have created a complete universe. All these separate franchises that bump up against each other within the same make believe reality, and then slamming them together in the Avengers “crossover” movies. That is really the newest concept that we’ve seen in Hollywood. Sure, we’ve seen some properties merged together before, like Aliens vs. Predator. But nothing like what we have seen from Marvel Studios. And while this has been happening with our favorite comic book heroes on the big screen, it’s also been happening quietly in the realm of horror.

Of course I’m talking about The Conjuring. The series of movies that told a story of the Warrens, real life paranormal investigators. This of course spawned the Annabelle franchise. It was odd enough to have two franchises living and planned in the same universe. This was no Freddy vs. Jason. This wasn’t one movie character vs the character from another movie. This was two separate franchises told within the same universe, that bumped up against each other.

Now, we can add another movie, and hopefully, a franchise to that universe with The Nun. This is none other than the demon Nun Valek, who we saw in The Conjuring 2. This time, she’s not just a creepy creature thrown into the movie, but the basis of the story.

Personally, I loved the Conjuring movies. I even loved the Annabelle movies. They’re especially good for a jump scare, and they don’t fall into the tired old slasher category. Now that we can see an entire movie universe being built, it ads a whole new level of excitement.

Now I want to go watch the moments of the Warren’s museum and wonder how many more stories can come from it.


Source: Uproxx


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