TrackPad Editior: A “Classic” Feel Without the Wait.

The Power of the Pad.
The Power of the Pad.

So an app came across my desk (Thanks Grimm) that really made me happy.

TrackPad Editor is an app that you can download on your current BB10 device, and hopefully hold you over while you wait for the BlackBerry Classic to drop.

If you are like me and still play with a legacy device (drool is still on my Bold 9900) from time to time AND really miss the trackpad, then TrackPad Editor is the app for you. If you miss the convenience of the trackpad for positioning the cursor and selecting text, then wait no more!

Developer, Yuri Salnikov, has made a virtual trackpad that really “feels” good and works amazingly. Some of the things that you can do with TrackPad Editor:

– Slide your finger across the virtual trackpad to move the cursor.
– Adjust the trackpad sensitivity with the pull down settings.
– Toggle selection mode with the virtual sift key.
– Double tap on the trackpad to bring up cut/copy/paste menu.
– Open the text file from the folder using “Open in” menu.
– Edit selected text from any application via “share” button.
– Once your done editing, share and/or save the text.

This free app is really a must have for any Blackberry user. The only thing that I found “disappointing” was that the virtual trackpad was only there in the app and not attached to the keyboard. Which has nothing to do with the app itself, but my secret love affair with the trackpad. :)

Its the only thing I could think of.
Its the only thing I could think of.

If you want to try out TrackPad Editor for free, just click on the LINK and give it a try on your virtual or qwerty keyboard phones.

I’m always curious. What are you waiting for? Passport or Classic?