Tracking my mobile life with Vivosmart



My life is mobile…and I want to know just how mobile it is.

I had been thinking about getting a sport band to help motivate me. When nnik did his post entitled Fitbit or Vivosmart earlier this month, that got me off my duff. Now that I have used the Vivosmart for a while, I felt the need to do a video on how to use it with a BlackBerry phone. Enjoy…



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  • Brad

    Wow! That looks great! I wish it had an integrated heart monitor like my Fitbit HR. As far as looks go, this Garmin looks so much more modern. But I want that all day heart rate tracking. Wow. Great video JR. Now you have me wanting a new gadget. :(

  • jrohland

    Brad, how long does the battery last on the Fitbit? The Garmin is rated for up to 7 days. I would like to have an imbedded heart monitor but the good ones use light sensors. Which means they use a lot of battery. Which means if Garmin puts a light sensor heart rate monitor in, the battery will not last nearly as long. Not sure I would want to give up the long battery life.

    • Blackjack

      I just got a fitbit – so far so good on battery – charged it once, not even to the top, and been going a few days.

  • Anthony

    Good video. locco_smiley_23