Tracking Down The Nine

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Every now and then, someone has a stroke of genius. The person or people behind the site obviously did. When you hit the main page of the site, you are welcomed with the following introduction:

Customers have reported that some new iPhone 6/6+s have developed a bend during regular phone type usage. Apple’s response has been to play down the problem.

With normal use a bend in iPhone is extremely rare, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus.

Just 9? Well, let’s see if we can find all 9 of these people ….. or maybe more.

If you are 1 of the 9 who has a bent phone then we’d love you to post a pic here. Click the button over on the right to quickly share.

How simple an idea isn’t it? Apple’s response that only 9 people had this issue was of course ridiculous, but how could anyone say different? Well this site is putting it in to perspective.

How many people with bent iPhones, may stumble across this site, and take the time to upload their pictures? Remember, the iPhone 6 has only been out a little over a month, announced September 9th, I know, it seems to have been around much longer than that. Remember, Consumer Reports said that the phones are actually much more sturdy than initial reports of Bendgate would have you believe.

Have they found their 9 yet?

Of course they have. In fact, at the time I am writing this, there have been 262 entries on the site. Think about it. In 59 days, there have been 262 entries. That averages nearly 4 and a half brand new iPhones turning all floppy a day. And yet iPhonians still make the ‘Apple build quality’ claim. If an iPhone user claims that Apple has a great build quality in front of you, my advice is to not let them build anything. And if they do, for goodness sake, don’t step on, in, or near it.

If you look around the site, you’ll notice that these aren’t fans of another platform, having fun at the expense of origami iPhone users. No, they have much nobler intentions.

If you are unaware, the purpose of this site is to try and raise awareness of the issue of bending iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to get Apple to take responsibility for the problems. Currently they are rejecting all customers who complain about a bent phone and calling them liars when they state that it happened through carrying it normally in their pockets.

I did though want to take a moment to address a couple of things that come up from a vocal minority who believe we are operating with some sort of malicious intent or trying our hardest to upset them.

Since we started these naysayers and fanboys have said a number of things to myself and the guys posting their bent iPhones. Here is a quick summary of a few of these:

– “You are a liar”
– “You bent these phones yourself for attention”
– “You are paying people to bend them”
– “You are a Samsung employee”
– “A competitor is paying for this site to operate”
– “You hate Apple and want to damage them”
– “You sat on that phone or dropped it”
– “You have an agenda”
– “I’m going to find out your name and where you live and hurt you and your life”

All of these accusations are completely and totally false and the threats rather laughable (it’s a phone!). I can guarantee you that as far as this site goes we are without any affiliation or attachment to any manufacturer or brand. Personally I am a big user of Apple products and enjoy them all.

I’ve got to give them credit. They’ve seen a wrong, and are trying to correct it. What a great idea. Apple does need to admit to the problems with the iPhone 6. They need to fix it, replace it, or return it. And those that continue to promote it (I’m looking at you AT&T) need to be held accountable as accomplices in scamming users with a failed product.

Be sure to head over to As a BlackBerry user, you will be amazed at what is happening to our poor iPhone using neighbors.




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