Tough Interviews Are Good For BlackBerry

Tough Interviews Are Good For BlackBerry
Tough Interviews Are Good For BlackBerry

From the moment John Chen took the reins at BlackBerry, he’s been on the hot seat. He’s done tough interviews and answered tough questions that usually imply, or even state, that BlackBerry’s products aren’t popular, and that BlackBerry should stop making phones. That has enraged BlackBerry fans, who viewed it as an attack on BlackBerry. Passionate BlackBerry fans have taken to the Internet to defend BlackBerry, correct and attack the interviewers and their employers, accusing them of being BlackBerry haters and trolls.

I view the tough interviews differently.

The first thing we have to consider, is that interviewers sometimes ask questions that their producers, editors or writers want them to ask. It’s their job. So if the interviewer’s boss tells them to ask certain questions, well, then they have to ask them. It’s possible, and even probable, that the interviewer doesn’t even want to ask those “attack” questions, especially given that some of the interviewers are long-time BlackBerry users and fans. But they don’t want to lose their jobs either.

Another thing we have to consider is that they’re simply playing the devil’s advocate. And that’s the key one.

Playing the devil’s advocate by asking the same questions and making the same comments that BlackBerry haters, competitors and trolls make, gives BlackBerry a great opportunity to respond to those criticisms in front of a national or international audience that includes those who are considering getting BlackBerry products and services. It allows BlackBerry to counter the criticisms and set the record straight. This is especially effective when it comes to video interviews, where the audience can hear the message straight from BlackBerry, and not just hope that the publisher is taking BlackBerry’s comments out of context or twisting them, as we’ve seen happen many times. It levels the playing field, and gives BlackBerry a great opportunity to fight back.

So I hope the media gives BlackBerry more tough interviews. With all the lies about BlackBerry being spread around these days, BlackBerry needs those kind of opportunities to set the record straight and put the bashers in their places.

I say bring it on !


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