Top App On Its Way To BlackBerry World?

What's Under The Cloth?
What’s Under The Cloth?

Rumours abound this morning of a Top App coming over to BlackBerry World shortly.

The (rather excellent) BBM Channel Top Apps for BlackBerry 10 has reported that something special this way comes and tells us to ‘stay tuned for the next couple of days.’

That won’t be difficult for me as I favourited that Channel ages ago – it’s extremely useful and if you haven’t done so already I would urge you to head on over to C0001CF2D and subscribe and then favourite it with a long press and press the star that comes up from the right of the screen.

That way you’ll get a Hub Notification when the news breaks!

Or you could also subscribe to the UTB Channel – C0028049B and find out that way too.

Actually, go on, spoil yourself and do both!

What could it be…?

Let the speculation begin!

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