Today Marks Business as Usual for UTB


UTB’s history began with frustrated fans of the greatest smartphone brand the world has ever known: BlackBerry. We frequented several successful fansites and watched as those that ran those fansites stopped being fans. We even watched as the site operators started using iPhone and advertised HTC. Two years ago we decided to start our own site with the primary focus of maintaining it as a site dedicated to BlackBerry fans, ran by BlackBerry fans.

As time progressed, we began to learn that there is a lot of news out there in the tech industry as a whole. Those other brands, whose marketshare and profits tend to dwarf the brand we love have massive failings that don’t seem to get the media play that, say, a small drop in BlackBerry stock gets. We feel that the BlackBerry fan wants to hear this news and we want the truth to get out, so we chose to report on this as well.

UTB today stands for “United Through BlackBerry” as our primary goal is to create a community in which BlackBerry fans can safely talk about our BlackBerry products and other news that interests them. For a while now, I’ve wanted to change our slogan to ‘A look at the mobile landscape through the eyes of a BlackBerry fan’ however the rest of the team keeps voting me down. But at least I got to say it here.

In addition to our great content about BlackBerry and eye opening reports on BlackBerry competitors, we discovered some time ago, that many of us shared interests outside of BlackBerry. Now, as a bunch that found ourselves angered when other sites went cross platform, we didn’t want to water down our BlackBerry focus on, and created, our sister site. Don’t worry, you won’t find articles about iPhone or Android there. What you will find is news about movies, televisions shows, comics, games, and anything else we find that interests us and hopefully you too!

It has been an amazing fun ride running a site catering to BlackBerry fans and we will continue to do just that. Discovering we share a love for other topics outside of BlackBerry has just added to the fun and we’re eager to share these loves with you, the BlackBerry fan, offsite on – but rest assured, absolutely nothing will be changing at As others may choose to be evolving, we’re flattered, as we continue business as usual.


Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs. Former BlackBerry Elite. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.