Tizen’s Cold Reception At Launch Could Be An Opportunity For BB10

Will Samsung make BB10 phones ?
Will Samsung make BB10 phones ?

Several years ago, Samsung started working on Tizen. They, along with just about everybody else, knew that Android wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. It’s even worse now, since Samsung wants to be a big player in both the enterprise market and the wearables market, but Android’s poor security and inefficiency makes it unsuitable for those markets.

So two weeks ago, after several delays, Samsung finally released the Z1, their first Tizen-based smartphone. It didn’t go well. Reuters reports that the phone made “a poor impression”. They quoted one Indian as saying it was “like a phone from 2010.”. Looking at the specs of the Z1, it’s hard to disagree. For example, it has a 3.15Mp rear camera and a 0.3Mp front-facing camera. Ouch.

Even worse, is Tizen. From the Reuters report:


Another problem for any Tizen-powered phone is Samsung’s failure to excite software developers to tailor applications like games for the platform, analysts said.

Samsung says more than 1,000 apps will be available for download in the Tizen Store, including popular social media network Facebook. Even so, that’s a tiny fraction of the offerings on Google Play.

That’s right, they’ll soon have more than 1,000 apps. When BB10 was launched in 2013, BlackBerry said they BB10 would have over 100,000 available at launch, and people laughed.

Now it’s a little too early to declare Tizen dead because of this initial cold reception. After all, the first Android phones were a joke when they were first released, yet makers like Samsung stuck with it for all these years. But it’s certainly not a good sign for Tizen, which many have predicted will die before it takes off.

The death of Tizen would be a huge opportunity for BB10. BB10 has proven itself in the enterprise, it’s more mature than Tizen, it has far more apps than Tizen, and it’s more suitable for wearables because it’s more efficient than Android. BB10 is just what Samsung needs.

Since BlackBerry and Samsung announced that they were working together and there were going to be more announcements of their collaboration, people have speculated that Samsung is going to license BB10 and start making BB10 devices. It goes without saying that that would be great. BlackBerry could stick to their plan of making phones with physical keyboards — Chen has previously said that BlackBerry would stick to making predominantly physical-keyboard phones — while Samsung makes devices for the average consumer like all-touch BB10 phones and tablets, BB10 wearables and BB10 consumer devices like SmartTVs and appliances.

Of course, a big question is how the carriers would react if Samsung released BB10 phones. Currently, carriers push Samsung phones, but they’ve turned their backs on BlackBerry in markets like the US, UK and Australia. Would carriers support BB10 phones made by Samsung ? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, hoping that Samsung licenses BB10.


I’m programmer with 13 years experience, and a former electronics technician. My first BlackBerry was a Z10, and I’m now rocking a Passport.

  • Canuckvoip

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Sammy licensing BB10. I’d still but BB made handsets though… for now.
    It’s such a rumour/fantasy at this point though.

  • ray689

    I’m very intrigued to see where things go from here.

  • bambinoitaliano

    It’s never easy for any phone manufacturer to introduce new platform into the market. The reaction to BlackBerry during it’s launch of BB10 platform was not unique. Case in point of Samsung release of Tizen phones. This could have happen to Apple should it decide to launch a new platform from it’s IOS OS. The difference is BlackBerry was in a precarious financial situation. Unlike the deep pocketed Samsung and Apple. The natural response to anything new will always garner negative reaction until there’s more consumers prove otherwise. That’s human nature. When the render image of Passport was release, I was one of the negative reactor. Not until I saw the actual picture and in the hands of John Chan did I have a 180 degree turn around. In regards to Tizen, we will have this to see how committed is Samsung going to be and how much faith do they have on it’s new OS.

  • Robert

    Samsung needs BB10

  • Blackjack

    Big reservations about licensing BB10 as it would lead it to the exact same date as android. It would lose the tight integration with the hardware and open the door to fragmentation. BB10 would not have blackberry’s support behind it. It would cheapen the quality of the hardware. Nobody will buy a well built blackberry device when they can get a cheap pos that runs bb10. It would cannibalize blackberry’s device business.

    • Ithinkthere4iam

      I’m going to agree with you here. I understand there are a lot of people that have invested in the turnaround of this wonderful company and my vision doesn’t support this “consumer must have” product these same people are betting on. Ever since I heard that BlackBerry was going after the consumer market, I cringed. And yes, there are a number of missteps the company had taken before going after the “Honey Boo Boo” crowd. If only BB10 came along a year or two earlier, there might not have been this stress filled fight back into the hands of the 10-20% of the world’s doers. If I’m going to talk about what could have been, I would like to have seen the attempt at an NHL franchise erased from history, no matter how telling of the way the world turns it was.

      I am curious what this “partnership” will bring.

    • Canuckvoip

      BB is security. BB10/QNX cannot be rooted.
      BB would not allow root/fragmentation.
      At worst you’d see BB10 unaltered on cheaper handsets.


      I agree with you BJ. The release of BB10 into the wild, might well end up with bastardized versions turning up everywhere, with new skins and new problems. Even if that is not possible, (and the last people who said something was not possible were subsequently glued to the TV when Armstrong stepped out onto the moon wondering where they had been wrong), it would lead to a lot of Sammyfones running BB10, that could be picked up for a fraction of the cost of a BlackBerry. Of course these low cost leaders would be junk and their every problem would be blamed on the operating system.

      B10 is for BlackBerrys.

      Android and OS-8 are for the ‘also ran’s’

  • Blackjack

    Fate* not date.

  • Trev

    I would like to see BlackBerry10 on another device for one reason: When someone looks at some Samsung device, messes with it for a bit, and really decides if they like it or not. Even if they decide it’s not for them, they’ve tried it.

    What I’ve seen with BlackBerry is that it has been completely dismissed by a potential customer just by the BlackBerry name on it. People have flat out refused to even try using my Z10 and Z30 when I asked if they wanted to try my BlackBerry.

    Close-minded sheeple.

    That said, I have to agree with the points BlackJack laid out. The blend of software and hardware chosen by BlackBerry R&D would probably not be as thought out on Samsung devices, and when a consumer wasn’t happy that BlackBerry couldn’t help them for a problem with Samsung hardware would, again, blindly dismiss all BlackBerry products.

    I just don’t see a positive outcome with a licensing agreement. Perhaps if BlackBerry decided to be OS only (and I DO NOT like this idea) had strict hardware designs with their hand in the production process from top to bottom — as in BlackBerry pretty much kicked everyone out of the Samsung plant and built their devices with their machines and put Samsung’s name on them– maybe something could work. But as I emphasized, I couldn’t buy a “BlackBerry” device with another name on it.

  • Rog518za

    Hmmm, interesting… the plot thickens

  • Anthony

    BB10 on an all-touch Samsung could be good.

    • Blackjack

      How is that better than an all touch BlackBerry?

      • Anthony

        It’s definitely not better than an all-touch BlackBerry.

        BB10 on more devices could an advantage. locco_smiley_39