Tiny Ryan Seacrest asks courts to protect him.

Late Tuesday Typo Keyboards asked the courts to rule that BlackBerry’s patents had not been infringed upon and declare some of the claims invalid and unenforceable. Furthermore Typo has asked the courts to dismiss every aspect of BlackBerry’s lawsuit with prejudice, and for an injunction to not allow BlackBerry to sue them again. (source)

Seacrest...Get Out!
Seacrest…Get Out!

For those that don’t know, Typo Keyboards is a company that Ryan Seacrest either founded or invested in, depending on what you read. Ryan Seacrest, the mini-host of American Idol and the only cast member to have not outgrown the series, was a long time BlackBerry user, who joined the flock and switched over to iPhone. Once on iPhone, reportedly Seacrest had the wonderful idea of improving on the iPhone with a keyboard, and after ‘years’ of research, they created in a feet of superhuman ingenuity, the best keyboard possible for a smartphone! The only problem with this is, it is a perfect copy of the BlackBerry keyboard.

Ryan is used to hearing teens and twenty-somethings copy real life superstars, and I think it might have clouded his judgement that his company could copy from a truly innovative company. He Ryan! Even American Idol has to get permission for those songs…. next time, you should ask before stealing someone’s design.



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