Tinder Comes Under Fire from The European Parliament


Tinder is a dating app made popular by it’s swiping function where the user can swipe their choices yes or no. Now Tinder is coming under fire for swiping user’s information.

Marc Tarabella is a Belgian Member of the European Parliament and is calling for an investigation in to Tinder.

Tarabella’s concern is that Tinder is not clear how much personal data is collected, or what they’re doing with it.

“Once you subscribe, the company can do whatever it wants with your data. It can show them, distribute them to whomever or even modify them,” Mr Tarabella said.

Tinder requires the user to give the app access to their Facebook account to use. This gives Tinder access to the user’s profile, email, interests, likes, birthday, location, photos, friend lists, and are able to store this information and more.

The issue at hand is the transparency Tinder provides. User’s give Tinder the ability to obtain their information and use it as they please by signing in to the app and accepting the End User License Agreement. Tarabella is concerned that user’s are not properly informed of this. Realistically, who reads EULAs?

With the EU’s new data protection laws taking affect, should Tinder, or any other product, be found guilty of breaking the laws, the companies can be fined up to 4% of their global turnover, or 20 Million Euros. Whichever is greater.

That may just be enough for some of these companies to take caution when it comes to user’s privacy.



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