Time to Take off the Gloves, BlackBerry!

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So, with his permission, and without further ado;


It’s time to take off the gloves. Enough is enough. This is getting ridiculous.

I’m talking about the constant bullying of BlackBerry from various quarters: zit-faced moron shop boys who sneeringly steer people toward Android and Apple, even when the customer walked in and asked for a BlackBerry all the way “up” to the analysts for firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and a couple others who have downgraded the company and assigned it a ridiculously low valuation.

Those firms often have direct conflicts of interest. In Morgan Stanley’s and Goldman’s cases, they’re underwriters for MOBL, a tiny, failing startup that’s currently getting its lunch handed to it by BlackBerry in the MDM/EMM space. If you think BlackBerry’s financials are bad (and they’re not — at all), take a look at MOBL. In CSFB’s case, there is a large short position on the stock. Every one of these downgraders has a direct conflict of interest. They’re ganging up like bullies, and it’s high time somebody punched them square in the nose.

Allow me.

Their valuations are ABSURD. They should be laughed right out of business, valuing a company like BlackBerry at just over its book value. No company with billions in sales and many millions in profits should be valued at book. That’s basic. Book value is for liquidations. Are they planning on liquidating BlackBerry?

It’s not going to happen, you filthy vultures. You’ll be liquidating MOBL far sooner than you’ll get your greedy claws into BlackBerry.

MOBL has a pathetic book value of $1.51 per share, but it is trading at the time of this writing at about $9, six times its book value. Its price per sales is about five, so it’s valued at five times its annual sales. Unlike BlackBerry, it loses money on those sales.

I could go on and on with many examples of companies vastly overvalued by these vultures: TSLA with its. 001 percent market share, APPL with 80 percent of its profits coming from one product that is basically a fashion accessory. Etc. But that’s not my point.

BBRY, by way of contrast, is valued at only 1.5 times its annual sales! And it has three billion in cash and growing. And its book value is almost equal to its share price. And it’s making money again!!!

Oh, and BlackBerry has 44,000 patents — more than Apple — but I guess we should throw those in for free, right?

IT IS ABSURD!!! And it needs to stop now.

And I haven’t even mentioned the lying, sniveling tech reviewers that don’t even bother to use the devices they’re supposed to review and just write a bunch of nonsense. You want to know what it’s really like to use a Passport? Talk to somebody who has one. We’re around, more of us each day.

Isn’t it amazing that anyone has one, considering how the aforementioned zit-faced store boys actively steer people away from BlackBerry. What do you want from your smartphone? Chances are, BlackBerry does it better. Unless you really love watching feature-length films in 16:9 resolution on your phone, BlackBerry may well be a great fit for you. It has all the apps thanks to the securely containerized Android runtime plus its own smaller selection of high-quality apps. It has great battery life. It truly multitasks just like your computer, with multiple applications running in easily accessible windows at the same time. It has a great keyboard. I’m typing this article on it. When I’m done, I’ll submit it to my blog and share it far and wide — all from my BlackBerry. That barely even scratches the surface of what I could do with this one document.

Could I do all that from an iPhone? Sure. But it would be a pain in the neck. The typing alone would likely send me to the looney bin.

But you’d never know how quickly and easily I can do all that from my BlackBerry. You’d never know it because of the chorus of bullies that have been doing everything they can to drive the company out of business for — what — four years now. (I have my theories about why this has been happening.)

I can hear them howling with their standard riposte now, “BlackBerry killed itself! BlackBerry sucks! Nobody wants BlackBerry!”

That is all bullshit. BlackBerry always made great devices and still does. A lot of us do want them. A lot of people want them but don’t know it thanks to the constant lies and misinformation from every direction.

Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. I’m buying more BlackBerry shares tomorrow. Why? Because ultimately the truth conquers, and the truth is that BlackBerry is kicking ass, especially considering the headwinds it has faced in recent years.

So bullies, this is for you: You will lose in the end. BlackBerry is here to stay with nowhere to go but up. All you’re doing is making them stronger by forcing them to work harder than their competitors. When the time comes, they will bloody your noses. Badly. That’s a promise.

Speaking of which, how about using some of that cash for a little stock buyback, Mssrs. Watsa and Chen?

(Typed quickly and accurately from the marvelous keyboard of the BlackBerry Passport)


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