Time To Promote BlackBerry

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Lately we’ve seen a lot of misleading and hateful articles pertaining to BlackBerry devices. Yet outside the US, BlackBerry is universally loved.

I have members of my Twitter family from around the globe that adore their BlackBerry phones.

One good sign, VerizonWireless now features the BlackBerry Classic prominently on their main page, that is showing some progress.

T-Mobile is now selling the BlackBerry Classic after a one year hiatus.

A sure example of lack of love was shown by AT&T Wireless, they delayed the release of the Passport for weeks, then demanded a remake with rounded corners.

End result, we true BlackBerry users and lovers need to promote BlackBerry in any way we can, using all forms of social media.

Always include hashtags to show your support.




Let’s all show US Carriers that BlackBerry users matter. Promote! Promote! Promote!


BlackBerry fan. Loved my Bold 9650. Then went Z10, Q10, Z10, Z30. Now rocking a Verizon BlackBerry Classic! Also an unlocked AT&T Passport used as a tablet. Retired truck driver, last 27+ years before retirement was with a local beer distributor.