Time to pay the piper Marissa

For years us BlackBerry fans have enjoyed the peace of mind knowing we have second-to-none security and privacy that come with owning the best handsets on the market. Here at UTB we’ve gone on and on ad nauseum about the advantage we have over other smartphone platforms simply by virtue of the fact we own a BlackBerry.

Over the years there have been numerous posts written about security and privacy in an attempt to quantify exactly what these concepts mean to us and why they should matter to everyone. The problem is they were too ethereal and intangible to quantify. How do you put a price on security? What premium would you pay to protect your privacy?

Well now we may actually have an answer. You see, yesterday Brad wrote about the pending Verizon / Yahoo deal and the impact that security breaches had on the valuation of Yahoo. For those of you who missed it, Yahoo’s flippant attitude towards security resulted in a total of #3 hacks. Once this became public Verizon pulled out an eraser faster than you could say UEM and lowered their tender by $350,000,000.00 Wow – that’s a whole lot of zeroes!

You may have heard the saying that ‘karma is a bitch’. Well if you don’t believe me just ask Marissa Mayer. Yes, the soon to be former CEO of Yahoo who decided back in 2012 that Yahoo would support a bring your own device (byod) workplace as long as the device wasn’t a BlackBerry.

I wonder if she’ll be applying for unemployment benefits once she gets the boot? You know a third of a Billion dollars just doesn’t go as far as it used to….


Just another reason why-




Drats, another hack!


kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • zensen

    Love yahoo! Probably more sentiment than useful but I’ve always disliked her decision to dismiss BlackBerry so flippantly.

    Now years later it seems she dismissed security altogether.

    Google weren’t all about security back then and probably brought that elistist attitude with her.

    Her shit does stink… and she stunk up yahoo along with it

    • Robert Friedman

      Hopefully no one will hire her as her lack of good judgment and the resulting damage is well documented. She has no one to blame but herself

  • Aaron_PhinsFan_ Clark

    Why did she not allow BlackBerrys?

    • zensen

      Marissa Mayer apparently wanted everyone in the company to upgrade to smartphones.. therefore hinting that BlackBerry was not a smartphone and dismissing BlackBerry 10 months before it was released.‎

      She also felt that her employees needed to use what their customers were using, totally disregarding what BlackBerry was doing for enterprise security…‎

      Recently the CEO’s poor decisions was one “to go around her own cyber security team”, a move that ultimately led to more than a billion users having their information hacked.

      Ultimately Marissa Mayer was happy blowing over a billion on tumblr and going from an evaluation of 40 billion offered by Microsoft to under 4 billion by Verizon‎ due to a couple of HUGE multiple security breaches‎

      Maybe Verizon can hit up BlackBerry with their Enterprise of things (EOT)?

      • Dave Matthews

        Yup, this pretty much sums it up! Facepalm emoji

  • John Jones

    Microwave offered how much? 40 billion? Why was she still CEO after turning that offer down. Btw what does yahoo do again?